Everly is a women’s young contemporary brand specializing in premium fabrics and exclusive prints. Fabiana Choi and Adriana Leaw started Everly with the vision to create a line inspired by the world around them. Always collaborating and bringing together their different personalities, their shared passion is what brings the Everly girl to life. Their idea of meshing life and fashion together has developed a brand that consists of pieces that can easily be found in their own personal wardrobe. Always evolving, but never changing.The Everly girl is fun and free. She is inspired by other women in her life and love. She is confident and if she fails, she is not afraid to try again.
From Us: We really just see ourselves as two sisters wanting to share our love with the world through fashion. We continue to be amazed that our different personalities decided to get together to create Everly. We have always said that we are each other’s other half. Where one stumbles, the other stands tall. Everly has definitely been our greatest leap and it’s been the best decision of our lives. We inspire each other with our chemistry, challenge each other with our differences and we hope to inspire girls all around the world to love themselves and love each other.